Violence and Drugs in Canada

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On the other hand, Canada is looking up. This country is considered to be a safe place to live. In a country with a population of about 32 million, there were 555 murders in 1998 which is 1.83 murders for every 100 000 people.1 In comparison to Jamaica and its population, these statistics are looking good. In Toronto alone, there have been 59 murders this year and 32 of them involving guns.2 If you compare the populations of Canada and Jamaica, the percentage of murders per year is easily comparable.

In terms of marijuana in Canada, marijuana is illegal unless there is a medical purpose and even if the usage of marijuana is medical, hospitals are told to limit the distribution. So far, there has been some problems associating with the usage of marijuana but the problem is easily controllable because the people are either obeying the law or they are just doing a good job in keeping their usage of marijuana discreet.

It is obvious that Drugs and violence in Canada is not a common problem in comparison to Jamaica, but they are still trying to better their community and be stricter with the law.

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